>Invited lectures for SHIM-ICACS 2018

Lindhard lecture

Electronic stopping of protons and He ions in solids: a status report

Peter Bauer
Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria


Invited speakers

Controlled fabrication of Ion track-based nanostructures with tuned plasmonic and electric properties
Jinglai Duan
Institute of Modern Physics CAS, Lanzhou, China

Polymers under ionizing radiations: evidences and quantification of energy transfers in presence of particular chemical functions
Muriel Ferry
CEA Saclay, France
Self-organized lens effect in insulating capillaries
Eric Giglio
CIMAP, Caen, France

Is a hillock just a protruded part of an ion track?
Norito Ishikawa
NSEC Japanese Atomic Energy Agency, Ibaraki, Japan

Radiation defect dynamics in solids studied by pulsed ion beams
Sergei Kucheyev
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California, USA

The influences of tracks on two-dimensional functional materials
Jie Liu
Institute of Modern Physics CAS, Lanzhou, China

Electronic excitation, luminescence and particle emission: studying ion-induced phenomena in ToF-MEIS
Svenja Lohmann
Uppsala University, Sweden

Stopping power, experimental trends and open subjects, with focus on the low to intermediate energy region
Claudia Montanari
IAFE, Buenos Aires, Argentina



Molecular Imaging by Transmission SIMS in combination with Secondary Electron Microscope
Kaoru Nakajima
Kyoto University, Japan

Ion track and hillock structure in the non-overlapping regime. A temperature dependent investigation
Jacques H. O’Connell
Nelson Mandela Metro University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
A locally driven relaxation for ion irradiated solid films
Luca Repetto
University of Genova, Italy

Radiobiology at GANIL-CIMAP
Yannick Saintigny
CIMAP, Caen, France

Functional defects in 2D materials
Marika Schleberger
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Relaxation pathways of slow highly charged ions transmitted through 2D materials
Janine Schwestka
TU Vienna, Austria

Transport of convoy electrons in solid under fast molecular ion penetration
Shigeo Tomita
University of Tsukuba, Japan






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