Presenter guide

Oral Presentations

PowerPoint projection will be available in the session halls which are equipped with a laptop computer and a projector. Overhead projection and slide projection are not available. All the hardware will be provided by the Congress to ensure consistency in technical quality and allow for quick and smooth transition between the speakers. Each speaker must ensure than his/her presentation (incl. questions) is no longer that that stipulated in the programme. The Chairpersons will be strict on timing.

Instructions for PowerPoint presentation

In order to ensure a successful and trouble free presentation, please follow very carefully the instructions given below. Only the computers provided on site can be used.

  • Durations (including questions)
    • Oral presentation: 20 minutes 
    • Invited talk: 30 minutes
    • Linhard lecture: 60 minutes
  • Presentation requirements and supported formats

​The Laptops supports the presentations made with the following tools:

  • MS Office
  • Adobe PDF
  • Open Office

The System supports the Standard Western Europe fonts. If the presentation contains special characters or need other fonts, they have to be provided by the speaker.

Slides must be sized for an on-screen show of 16:9. The video files attached to the presentation must be located in the same folder as the presentation files. The following mass storage devices are accepted:

  • USB Key
  • Laptop

We strongly recommend that you save your presentation on two different devices.

  • Upload your presentation

All speakers must download their presentation and associated files, preferably the day before and at least 5 hours before their session start. Speakers scheduled on Monday morning must load their presentation latest on Monday first coffee break.

  • Presentation's Privacy

At the end of the congress, ALL presentations and associated files will be deleted.

Poster Presentations

The poster exhibition will be held level 1, ES 101+102+103 room. Your poster board will be marked with the same final number as listed in the Programme Book and which has been given in your personal e-mail notification. Posters presenters must ensure that their poster is fixed to the appropriate numbered board on the appropriate day according to the Scientific Programme.

  • Poster format

Panels for individual posters will be 200 cm high and 80 cm wide. Suitable tape will be provided at the welcome desk. Please note drawing pins should not be used.

  • Poster exhibition times

Posters are shared in 2 sessions. Presenting authors should be present by the poster during the poster session

  Session Date / hour Should be mounted Should be removed
   Poster session #1  Tuesday 3 July / 16:00-18:00 Monday 2 July - 8:30 // Opening Tuesday 3 July - 18:30 // After the session
   Poster session #2  Thursday 5 July / 16:00-18:00 Wednesday 4 July - 8:30 // Morning Friday 6 July - 13:00 // Closong

If you need to print your poster in Caen, you can contact this company: https://www.copifac.fr/france/agence/caen-universite.html                         
Be careful to the printing period for an A0, it may be more than a day.





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