Papers from the conference will be published as a Virtual Special Issue in Nuclear Instruments and Methods  Section B (NIM B)

Special Issue publication process

Manuscripts are submitted to EES through the Special Issue portal and go through a peer review process to the same standard as for regular NIMB articles.

The manuscript submission website is https://ees.elsevier.com/nimb_proceedings opened until Monday 10 September

  • Type: SHIM-ICACS 2018
  • Editor: I. Vickridge

Importante note: Please indicate your final number (looks like P1-T08-098 with different numbers) which can be found in the Final program in the cover letter.

Further details

Manuscript format

There are no page limits: the length of papers is determined by their scientific content. As a guideline, a paper of less than 3 printed pages is likely to be more like an extended abstract rather than a regular manuscript, and papers over 5 pages would have to have substantial scientific content to justify their length.


Once all of the submitted manuscripts have been handled and a decision (accept/reject) made, a softbound hard copy of the Virtual Special Issue will be produced and distributed to registered participants.






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