Scheduled activites

All the activites are included in the registration  - Limited number of places - Booking mandatory (through the registration form)

• Sun. 1 July - 18:00 // Welcome reception - More info

• Wed. 4 July - 14:00 // Outing -  More info

• Fri. 6 July - 14:30 // Visit of the Ganil Lab. - More info


Outing // Tour A, B & C

The Outing on Wednesday 4 July afternoon will be divided in 3 tours: Tour A, Tour B & Tour C (all tours full)

  1. Chateau Dubreuil / Honfleur
    14:00 - Departure Caen > Château du Breuil
    15:00 -  visit of Château du Breuil
    16:30 - Departure Château du Breuil > Honfleur
    17:00 - free time in Honfleur
    19:00 - Cocktail before the Banquet at
    the "Petit grenier à sel" in Honfleur

    23:00 - Departure Honfleur > Caen

Meeting Point: Parking Crous at 13:45
with your invitation (mandatory to access the bus)

  1. Caen / Chateau du Breuil
    14:00 - Free time in Caen
    15:30 - Departure Caen > Château du Breuil
    16:30 - visit of Château du Breuil
    18:00 - Departure Château du Breuil > Honfleur
    19:00 - Cocktail before the Banquet at
    the "Petit grenier à sel"

    23:00 - Departure Honfleur > Caen

Meeting point: Place Courtonne, Caen at 15:15
with your invitation (mandatory to access the bus)

  1. Caen / Honfleur
    14:00 - Free time in Caen
    15:00 - Departure Caen > Honfleur
    16:00 - Free time in Honfleur
    19:00 - Cocktail before the Banquet at
    the "Petit grenier à sel"

    23:00 - Departure Honfleur > Caen

Meeting point: Place Courtonne, Caen at 14:45
with your invitation (mandatory to access the bus)


IMPORTANT NOTE: The Banquet is included in the social program and will take place in Honfleur.
If you want to attend the banquet only, you will have to get there by your own means.


Château du Breuil // visit of the Distillery and Calvados tasting

Wednesday 4 July, afternoon

Normandy! A land of picturesque half-timbered houses, lush green pastures and apples orchards. A land of rich culinary tradition based on its fine local products: butter, cream, world famous cheeses and of course…apples ! Classified as a historic monument, the Château du Breuil proudly stands amoung its park with centenarial trees. Built in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Château was the dwelling of the great families, as the Bouquetot, the Montgomery, the Bence… Today, the “Château du Breuil” is also one of most prestigious Calvados distilleries (created in 1954).

The distillation process takes place between the beginning of winter and June 30th of the following year. To make one liter of Calvados 100% pure alcohol, about 27 kg apples or 20 liters of 5% volume cider are necessary. Unlike Calvados “AOC”, Calvados with the AOC “Pays d’Auge” requires cider apples produced in Pays d’Auge area and a double distillation. It makes a finer Calvados, due to the quality of apples produced by the local soil, and to the elimination of the roughiest parts of the alcohol during the distillations.The Château du Breuil makes AOC Pays d’Auge Calvados only.



Sightseeing of Caen

Going from the docks of the marina to just outside the racecourse, from the streets of the bustling city centre to the silence of the Abbeys, from the colourful markets to gourmet restaurants, from the old districts to the modernity of the Peninsula is a beautiful discovery that you will experience during your visit.

The Tourism office of Caen provide brochures (French, English and Spanish) for people who want to visit the city and its surroundings, learn more about accomodation or participate to group activities.
See the brochures on the website



Sightseeing of Honfleur

Honfleur is one of the most charming villages in Normandy, well known for its unique pitoresque "old harbour" and the impact on the impressionist painting movement. You will easily find ample information in tourist guides and on the internet.

We will provide you with a tourist map (the numbers below refer to it, you may already have a look at it here).

For those having free time, you might just like to stroll around … just follow the route indicated "OLD TOWN" on the tourist map … don't miss the old harbor and the St. Catherine quarter, with the astonishing church (5) constructed by local shipbuilders.
The walk to "COTE DE GRACE ET MONT JOLI" (3,21) takes you to a beautiful small church, where often people emigrating to America said their farewell prayers, and to Mont Joli with a nice view of Honfleur and the Seine river with the "Pont de Normandie". Among the Museums, the most particular experience might be the "Maison Satie" (11).

Please be at the "petit Grenier à Sel" (6) at 19:00 sharp.

"Petit Grenier à sel" in Honfleur // Banquet

Wednesday 4 July, 19:00

The 2 salt granaries, from the end of the 17th century, are among the emblematic monuments of Honfleur. These buildings cut in stone and covered with tiles were built in 1670 by the General Farm of Gabelles with the approval of Colbert. The granaries were designed to house the salts needed for fishing for herring and cod. The salt granaries were one of the largest salt stores opened in Normandy. Most of the stones could come from the old fortifications of the city which go back to the reign of Charles V. The frame of the two buildings, made of chestnut wood, is a typical example of works made by marine carpenters. The large granary called "Aubert & Balley" and the small granary, "the Dauphin", are classified as historical monuments in 1916.


Access map in the Ducal Castle


Café Mancel // Welcome reception

The participant who received a confirmation can come and take their badge and conference material from 18:00 at the Café Mancel. More info on the Bus network.

The Café Mancel is located in the heart of the city, inside the Ducal Castle. It is in a quiet courtyard in front of a delightful garden.
A cocktail is proposed on Sunday 1 July from 18:30 until 20:30 at "Le Café Mancel". This will be the occasion for the registered participitant to meet together after picking up their badges and conference material.


The Ganil // Visit of the Lab.

A visit of the Ganil Laboratory is scheduled on Friday 6 July from 14:30 until 16:00.

Booking is mandatory (registration form) - very limited number of place






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