Materials (Bulk): Damage, Tracks - Part II

03 July 2018
T02. Materials (Bulk): Damage, Tracks T02.2 11:00 > 12:20 Materials (Bulk): Damage, Tracks - Part II Campus 1 // AMPHI 2000 T02. Materials (Bulk): Damage, Tracks

11:00 T02.2-O1-8 Effects of electronic energy deposition in concentrated solid solution alloys > Y. Yanwen Zhang 11:20 T02.2-O2-131 Radiation tolerance against swift heavy ions: Effect of grain size and irradiation temperature > P. PARSWAJIT KALITA 11:40 T02.2-O3-81 Effect of the irradiation temperature on the SHI-induced defect-annealing efficiency in SiC > A. Aurélien Debelle 12:00 T02.2-O4-261 Effect of In concentration on the damage buildup in InxGa(1-x)N during ion-irradiation > T. Tieshan Wang





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