03 July 2018
P1 16:00 > 18:00 POSTER SESSION #1 Campus 1 // ES101-102-103

P1-T01-128 Energy-loss straggling of protons in monocarbides obtained by elastic resonant backscattering > M. Mitsuo Tosaki P1-T01-135 Investigation of the energy loss of heavy ions in noble metals at energies below the Bragg peak > K. Karim Alexandros Kantre P1-T01-136 Fully relativistic structure calculations of heavy targets for inelastic collisions > C. Claudia Montanari P1-T01-147 L shell ionization cross sections in relativistic atoms by swift heavy ions > C. Claudia Montanari P1-T01-16 RECONSTRUCTION OF THE ATOM-SURFACE POTENTIAL USING RAINBOW SCATTERING DATA > A. Aleksandr Zinovev P1-T01-160 Application of Doppler-broadening spectroscopy for the characterization of damage induced in SiO2 by 2 MeV Au+2 implantation > O. Oscar G DE LUCIO MORALES P1-T01-165 Stereoscopic collisions of MeV molecular ion with atom and molecule > M. Misaki Masatsugu P1-T01-17 CONTRIBUTION OF MOLECULAR ORBITAL PROMOTION TO INELASTIC ENERGY LOSSES IN ION-SOLIDS COLLISIONS > A. Aleksandr Zinovev P1-T01-181 Anisotropy of Electronic Stopping Power in Graphite > J. Jessica Halliday P1-T01-219 New insights of molecular (H2+) ion channeling phenomenon in ultra-thin Si membranes > R. Raul FADANELLI P1-T01-22 Anomalous reduction of energy deposition by heavy ions near incident surface > N. Norito Ishikawa P1-T01-262 TD-DFT simulations of proton irradiation of water ice: technical challenges > D. Daniel Muñoz-Santiburcio P1-T01-264 Ionization and electron capture total cross sections for biological molecules impacted by ions > M. Mario Enrique Alcocer Avila P1-T01-34 Effective charge parameter for Li, C and O ions in Aluminum, silver, gold, polypropylene and Makrofol foils > S. Samira Ourabah P1-T01-36 Interatomic Coulombic Decay: The Mechanism for Rapid Deexcitation of Hollow Atoms > R. Richard Wilhelm P1-T01-37 Fragmentation of the ethane molecules induced by MeV-energy proton bombardment > S. Sándor Kovács P1-T01-45 REFLECTION OF HYDROGEN AND DEUTERIUM ATOMS FROM THE SURFACE OF CARBON AND POLYCRYSTALLINE BERYLLIUM AND TUNGSTEN > A. Aleksandr Zinovev P1-T01-52 Fragmentation of water and methane induced by MeV-energy sigly charged projectiles > S. Sándor Kovács P1-T01-58 Electron-impact ionizations in dense plasmas including the renormalization screening > M-J. Myoung-Jae Lee P1-T01-66 On the impact of crystallinity on the energy loss of medium energy H and He ions in V and Fe > M. Mauricio Sortica P1-T01-79 The impact of scattering potential and electronic stopping on the spectrum shape in Medium Energy Ion Scattering > D. Daniel Primetzhofer P1-T01-80 Analysis of the energy dependent ion yield of keV He ions scattered from metals with and without surface oxides > B. Barbara Bruckner P1-T01-94 Experimental study of electronic stopping of light ions in transition and rare-earth metals at velocities around the stopping maximum > M. Marcos Moro P1-T02-108 Ion beam induced damage in nanostructured ZrN film > S. Salah Eddine Naceri P1-T02-111 Structural modifications induced in GaN/Al2O3 under swift heavy ions > A. Alexis RIBET P1-T02-112 TEM investigations of structural and chemical order in III-N semiconductors irradiated by swift heavy ion > J-G. Jean-Gabriel MATTEI P1-T02-116 Recrystallization role in ion track formation in dielectrics > A. Alexander E. Volkov P1-T02-120 Swift heavy ion-irradiated calcite (CaCO3) analyzed by UV-C Laser excited Fluorescence-Spectrometry > U. Ulrich Anton Glasmacher, D. Debora Faller P1-T02-125 swift heavy ion induced lattice defects in apatite (Ca5(PO4)3(OH,F,Cl)) using UV-laser stimulated fluorescence. > I. Ioannis Tzifas P1-T02-129 Enhanced track formation in pre-damaged strontium titanate by energetic heavy ions > W. William Weber P1-T02-13 Ion irradiation effects in antimonide films > R. Raquel Giulian P1-T02-132 Raman study of ion beam irradiation damage on nanostructured TiO2 > R. RAFIK Hazem P1-T02-138 Non-destructive visualization of swift heavy ion induced lattice defects in apatite (Ca5(PO4)3(OH,F,Cl)) using UV-laser stimulated fluorescence. > I. Ioannis Tzifas P1-T02-142 Application of proton irradiation for study on radiation induced changes in microstructure and mechanical property of austenitic stainless steel > H-H. Hyung-Ha Jin P1-T02-143 TEM characterisation of high and low velocity Kr and Xe latent tracks morphology in YIG and YAG single crystals > M. Maxim Saifulin P1-T02-168 Degradation of the electrical conductivity of GaN under swift heavy ion irradiation > P. Platon Karaseov P1-T02-171 GaN surface damage formation by monatomic and molecular ion irradiation > P. Platon Karaseov P1-T02-216 MD study of surface collision cascades in aluminium > A. Alexander E. Volkov P1-T02-237 A key contribution of the ordered crystal structure of γ-TiAl intermetallics to its high radiation tolerance > A. Alexander E. Volkov P1-T02-290 Hardness and modulus variation of borosilicate glasses irradiated by heavy ions > T. Tieshan Wang P1-T02-3 Defects in swift heavy ion irradiated n-4HSiC > S. Shandirai Tunhuma P1-T02-303 High Energy 120 MeV Titanium ion irradiation induced modifications in structural, optical and surface morphological properties of Zirconium oxide thin films. > V. Vishnu CHAUHAN P1-T02-304 120 Au9+ ion induced modifications in optical, electrical, structural and surface morphological properties of titanium dioxide and tin oxide nanocomposite thin film by RF Sputtering > V. Vikas Kumar P1-T02-32 Defect kinetics in lithium fluoride crystals irradiating with swift ions at room temperature > M. Michael Sorokin P1-T02-41 a methodological study on molecular dynamics for high energy collision cascades in tungsten > M. Minghuan Cui P1-T02-42 Damage formation and optical activation in Er implanted m-plane and a-plane ZnO > A. Adela Jagerova P1-T02-44 High enegy helium implantation for evolution of microstructural changes of nickel based alloy > H-H. Hyung-Ha Jin P1-T02-46 Effect of vacancy defects or cavities induced by ion implantation on rare gas diffusion in uranium dioxide > M. Marie GERARDIN P1-T02-53 Track size dependence on the velocity of swift heavy ions in Mg2SiO4 > R. Ruslan Rymzhanov P1-T02-63 Swift heavy ion track in single crystal rutile: Experiments and inelastic thermal-spike analysis > P. Pengfei Zhai P1-T02-71 Structural and optical properties in yttria-stabilized zirconia modified by Si+-implanted ions > R. Romana Miksova P1-T02-83 Investigations of cation disordering in magnesium aluminate spinel induced by SHI using X-ray absorption near edge structure and first-principles calculations > S. Satoru Yoshioka P1-T02-84 Molecular dynamics simulation studies of displacement cascade induced defects in gold nanotubes > W. Wenqiang Liu P1-T02-87 Atomic and electronic properties of Al2O3 and diamond under intense excitation of the electronic system > R. Roman Voronkov P1-T02-88 Effect of the electronic kinetics on graphitization of diamond irradiated with swift heavy ions and fs-lasers > A. Alexander E. Volkov P1-T02-89 Depth resolved chemical activation and etching of swift heavy ion tracks in olivine > S. Sergey Gorbunov P1-T02-9 A molecular dynamics study on helium bubble growth in tungsten under strain fields > M. Minghuan Cui P1-T02-90 The Influence of Stopping Power and Temperature on Latent Track Formation in YAP and YAG > A. Arno Janse van Vuuren P1-T02-96 Grain Size Effects on Irradiated CeO2, ThO2, and UO2 > W. William Cureton P1-T03-105 Surface composition of ion bombarded nickel based alloys > V. Vladimir Chernysh P1-T03-107 THE REGULARITIES OF SURFACE CORRUGATION OF POLYACRYLONITRILE BASED CARBON FIBERS UNDER HIGH-FLUENCE ION IRRADIATION > N. Nikolay G. Chechenin P1-T03-114 Characterization of graphene oxide film implanted by low energy copper ions > M. Mariapompea Cutroneo P1-T03-123 Influence of ion implantation of dielectrics on charging under electron beam irradiation > E. Ekaterina Zykova P1-T03-126 Retention mechanism of hydrogen and helium isotopes in beryllium studied with the quartz crystal microbalance technique > R. Reinhard STADLMAYR P1-T03-137 Molecular dynamics simulations of angular distributions of particles sputtered by gas cluster ions > A. Anton Nazarov P1-T03-14 Creation of Surface Nanostructures in Lanthanum Fluoride Single Crystals by Irradiation with Slow Highly Charged Ions > A. Ayman S. EL-SAID P1-T03-145 Modifications of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by highly energetic iodine ion irradiation > A. Ayman S. EL-SAID P1-T03-146 Effective depth of electronic sputtering of WO3 films by high-energy ions > N. Noriaki Matsunami P1-T03-151 Sputtering yield of silicon by atomic and molecular ions impact > Y. Yasushi Hoshino P1-T03-194 Electronic sputtering of ionic crystals: Nanoparticle emission and charge-up effect > I. Igor Alencar P1-T03-21 Investigation of the exit charge state distributions of highly charged ions transmitted through different 2D materials > S. Sascha Creutzburg P1-T03-231 Low-energy ion collision with radiosensitizing metallic nanoparticles in the gas phase > A. Alicja Domaracka P1-T03-25 Surface tracks in Mica studied by high resolution AFM > F. Friedrich Aumayr P1-T03-40 FE-SEM observation of chains of nano hillocks on oxide ceramics irradiated with SHI > A. Akane Kitamura P1-T03-55 Swift heavy ion irradiation of interstellar dust analogues: Cosmic rays release of large carbonaceous species. > E. Emmanuel Dartois P1-T03-61 CALCULATION OF SPUTTERING YIELD AT ION BOMBARDMENT OF SOLIDS: COMPUTER SIMULATION AND THEORY > A. Alexander I. Tolmachev P1-T03-65 Vicinage effect on emission statistics of secondary electron by molecular hydrogen penetrating a thin carbon foil > N. Natsuse MORIMOTO P1-T03-73 Deconvolution models for determining the real surface composition of InP (100) after bombardment with 5 keV Ar ions at different angles > J. Johan Malherbe P1-T03-76 Sputtering of Wollastonite by H and Ar ions > P. Paul Stefan Szabo P1-T04-11 Comparison of the response of NiO, ZnO and TiO2 micro- and nano-structures on azimuthally rotating Swift Heavy Ion irradiation > W. Wolfgang Bolse P1-T04-118 Characterization of resistive memories using Nuclear Reaction Analysis > F. Felipe Ferreira Selau P1-T04-144 Formation of nano-porous surface structures by fast C60 beam bombardments > H. Hidetsugu Tsuchida P1-T04-157 Etching kinetics of ion track nano-pores in polymers determined by in situ SAXS > P. Patrick Kluth P1-T04-164 Inlet MeV ion beam dependence of transmission property for the He-capillary > M. Moemi Asamura P1-T04-167 Molecular axis alignment of fast OH+ ions passing through nanocapillaries > R. Ryu Murase P1-T04-182 Porous Au nanowires prepared by ion track technology for plasmonic applications > I. Ina SCHUBERT P1-T04-184 Opportunities for ion track studies at small and medium size accelerator facilities > M. Marko Karlusic P1-T04-186 Energy dependence of blocking effects on the transmission of Ne^7+ ions through nanocapillaries > P. Peter Herczku P1-T04-20 Spatially separated Ag dendrites for SERS, synthetized using ion-track template SiO2/Si > D. Dzmitry Yakimchuk P1-T04-27 Shape-Controlled Growth of Gold Nanostructures in Limited Volume of Ion-Track SiO2/Si Template Pores > V. Victoria Bundyukova P1-T04-28 Template synthesis of FeNi nanotubes with varied length in pores of ion-track membranes > M. Maksim Kutuzau P1-T04-29 Radiation-induced phase transition in Zn-based nanotubes > A. Alena Shumskaya P1-T04-30 Radiation-resistant magnetic field sensors based on SiO2(Metal)/Si structures > E. Egor Kaniukov P1-T04-48 Current-dependent ion beam guiding by straight macro capillaries > K. Kiichi Yokokawa P1-T04-49 Current status of the study on high-efficiency MCP > H. Haruo Shiromaru P1-T05-103 An up-to-date local dose distribution theory for describing the track registration property of Kapton film irradiated with heavy ions, including U ion > T. Tamon Kusumoto P1-T05-106 Stability of dry DNA irradiated with 1.2 MeV/amu Xe and Ar ions > M. Mikhail Karganov P1-T05-154 Evaluation of uncertainties in water-equivalent path lengths derived from proton computed tomography > A. Atsuki Terakawa P1-T05-230 Radio-resistance of Pyridine Ices and Effects of Water Environment > A. Aditya Narain AGNIHOTRI P1-T05-255 Transition and crystallization phenomena in gamma irradiated isotactic Polypropylene > M. Marius Enachescu P1-T05-266 Bond breaking cross sections in polymer ultrathin films irradiated by high-energy ions > R. RICARDO Papaleo P1-T05-270 Surface nanostructures induced by highly-charged ions on ultrathin PMMA films > R. RICARDO Papaleo P1-T05-289 Polymer/Polymer Interface Adhesion by In Situ Compatibilization > Y. Yongsok SEO P1-T05-35 Radiolysis of N2O : CO2 ice mixture by 90 MeV 136Xe23+ bombardment > P. Philippe Boduch P1-T05-47 VALINE RADIOLYSIS BY H, N and S MEV ION BOMBARDMENT > C. Cíntia Aparecida PIRES DA COSTA





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