Materials (Bulk): Damage, Tracks - Part V

05 July 2018
T02. Materials (Bulk): Damage, Tracks T02.5 14:30 > 15:30 Materials (Bulk): Damage, Tracks - Part V Campus 1 // AMPHI 2000 T02. Materials (Bulk): Damage, Tracks

14:30 T02.5-O1-265 Photothermal radiometry study of heavy ion beam induced modification of polycrystalline graphite thermal properties > A. Alexey Prosvetov 14:50 T02.5-O2-196 Thermal annealing of calcium fluoride crystals irradiated with swift heavy ions: Optical absorption, Raman scattering and luminescence > I. Igor Alencar 15:10 T02.5-O3-121 Optimisation of giant magnetocaloric materials with ion irradiation > M. Martino Trassinelli





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