05 July 2018
P2 16:00 > 18:00 POSTER SESSION #2 Campus 1 // ES101-102-103

P1-T01-039 Expanded PASS Stopping Code > P. Peter Sigmund P2-T01-148 Electronic energy losses and straggling in low energy proton interaction with silicon films > M. Mario Mery P2-T01-150 Theoretical developments for the stopping power in an extended energy range > C. Claudia Montanari P2-T01-208 Extended wave packet model to calculate energy loss moments in matter > C. Claudia Montanari P2-T01-233 Proton energy loss in multilayer graphene and carbon nanotubes > M. Mario Mery P2-T01-238 Considerations about projectile and target X-rays induced during heavy ion bombardment > J. Johnny Ferraz Dias P2-T01-252 Resonant coherent excitation of heavy ions in a crystal using a high-energy accelerator and a storage ring at GSI/FAIR > T. Toshiyuki Azuma P2-T01-258 Ion impact induced fragment emission from hydrogen molecule > Z. Zoltán Juhász P2-T01-260 Experimental energy loss of Hydrogen molecules fragments at keV energies traversing multi walled carbon nanotubes > M. Mario Mery P2-T01-263 MULTIPLE IONIZATION CROSS SECTIONS FOR SWIFT ION IMPACT ON Ne-like MOLECULES > M. Mariel Elisa Galassi P2-T01-268 A single method to calculate multiple ionization cross sections of Air molecules by ion impact. > V. Verónica Belén Tessaro P2-T01-269 Theoretical study of W-values for particle impact on vapour and liquid water > V. Verónica Belén Tessaro P2-T01-271 Comparison between anion and cation emission from methane molecules colliding with 10.5-keV singly charged carbon cations > J-Y. Jean-Yves Chesnel P2-T01-291 Influence of xenon ions charge state on depth distribution and defect formation during implantation in silicon > A. Andrey Shemukhin P2-T01-294 Deuterated propane (C3D8) fragmentation at EBIS facility in Kielce > K. Karol Szary P2-T01-316 Applications of the operator method for the problem of scattering of fast charged particles in thin crystals > S. Sergiy Shulga P2-T01-323 Nonequilibrium charge states in calculations of energy loss and ranges of ions > N. Nikolay G. Chechenin P2-T01-327 Ionization probability of sputtered coronene molecules > A. Andreas Wucher P2-T01-340 k-shell Photoionization of O2+ molecular ions > O. Ola Al-hagan P2-T02-113 A new type of refractive index modification in YAG crystals induced by swift heavy ion irradiation > H. Hiroshi Amekura P2-T02-161 Microstructure and Raman spectra of third generation SiC fibers by 410 MeV 112Sn26+ ion beam irradiation > Y. Yin Song P2-T02-163 Measurement of Local Temperature around the Impact Points of Fast Ions under Grazing Incidence > S. Sun Hi Yoon P2-T02-169 New insight of interaction between dislocation and helium bubbles > X-L. Xue-Lin Wang P2-T02-185 Multiscale Simulation of Single Particle Displacement Damage in Silicon > A. Antoine Jay P2-T02-195 Modification of ”silica+zinc” nanocomposite by swift heavy ions: radiation-induced intense visible luminescence and shape elongation of zinc nanoparticles > V. Vladimir Skuratov P2-T02-197 Response of monazite-type ceramics to swift heavy-ion irradiations > I. Igor Alencar P2-T02-198 Investigation of Phase Formation and Thermodynamic Calculations between palladium and silicon carbide > E. Eric Njoroge P2-T02-200 Swift heavy ion research of condensed matter at extreme conditions. > U. Ulrich Anton Glasmacher, D. Debora Faller P2-T02-201 Defect change in UO2 during ion irradiations using in situ TEM > C. Claire ONOFRI P2-T02-206 Ion track formation in radiation hard materials: examples of GaN, MgO, MgAl2O4 and Al2O3 > M. Marko Karlusic P2-T02-209 Prospects of mixing across Pd1-xNix/Si interfaces from inelastic thermal spike model calculation > P. Paramita Patra P2-T02-212 Energetic helium irradiation damage in hexagonal tungsten carbide studied with XRD and AFM > Z. Zhiguang Wang P2-T02-215 Investigations on the displacement damage dose effects induced by heavy ion irradiation in silicon PiN photodiodes: implications for modeling and simulation > J. JONATHAN RIFFAUD P2-T02-226 Effects of Ion Irradiation on Optical Property of Silicon Films > Y. Yabin Zhu P2-T02-241 MD simulations of primary damage formation in L12 Ni3Al intermetallics > A. Alexander E. Volkov P2-T02-244 An insight into radiation resistance of D019 Ti3Al intermetallics > A. Alexander E. Volkov P2-T02-247 Stability of microstructure of zirconium and silicon nitrides multilayers irradiated by noble-gas ions > V. Vladimir Skuratov P2-T02-249 Effect of Swift Heavy Ions irradiation in the migration of Silver Implanted into polycrystalline SiC > H. Hesham Abdelbagi Ali ABDELBAGI P2-T02-280 Radiation-Enhanced Diffusion in Mg2SiO4 > E. Emmanuel Gardes P2-T02-292 Materials research ion beam facilities at GSI/FAIR > F. Feida CHEN P2-T02-293 Analysis of linear energy transfer effects on the scintillation properties of Ce:Gd3Al2Ga3O12 (GAGG) > M. Masanori Koshimizu P2-T02-295 An improved terminal for material and device irradiation in HIRFL > Y. Youmei Sun P2-T02-296 Figures of merit of carbon materials for beam intercepting devices operating in high-power ion accelerators > F. Fabian Jäger P2-T02-297 Swift heavy ions induced degradation of mechanical properties of graphitic materials > P. Philipp Bolz P2-T02-298 Raman spectroscopy analysis of swift heavy ion beam induced damage along the ion range in flexible graphite > A. Alexey Prosvetov P2-T02-300 Thermal desorption spectroscopy of helium ion beam and plasma irradiated tungsten > S. Sergey Ryabtsev P2-T02-326 Defect structure and precipitates in Zn implanted Si after swift Xe ion irradiation > V. Vladimir PRIVEZENTSEV P2-T02-328 Irradiation hardening of F82H, T91, SIMP and ODS steels under dual Fe3+/He+-ion irradiation at 300℃ and 450℃ > B. Bingsheng Li P2-T02-339 ION BEAM MODIFICATION OF NANO-DIMENSIONAL SILICON STRUCTURES > A. Anastasiia Kozhemiako P2-T02-341 Irradiation-induced defects in graphene on copper > D. Damir Minnebaev P2-T02-70 Non-equilibrium lattice structure induced by high energy heavy ion bombardment in NiTi alloy > N. Norito Ishikawa P2-T03-156 Evolution of periodical surface nanostructures under off-normal gas cluster ion irradiation > A. Alexei Ieshkin P2-T03-172 Highly-sensitive time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry with high energy cluster ion beams > K. Kouichi Hirata P2-T03-173 Sensitivity improvement of bio-molecules using ionic liquid matrix in mega electron volt secondary ion mass spectrometry > K. Kenji Kimura P2-T03-174 The ion implantation of graphene oxide by Cu, Ga and Au metallic ions > M. Mariapompea Cutroneo P2-T03-177 Surface effects during the swift heavy ion irradiation in graphene > F. Flyura Djurabekova P2-T03-178 NEGATIVE-ION PRODUCTION ON SURFACE UNDER HYDROGEN PLASMA EXPOSURE: A COMPARATIVE STUDY BETWEEN GRAPHITE AND DIAMOND > J-M. Jean-Marc Layet P2-T03-183 Coster-Kronig transition of fast cluster ions studied by zero-degree Auger electron spectroscopy > Y. Yoko Shiina P2-T03-211 Secondary ion and neutral mass spectrometry with swift heavy ion projectiles > L. Lars Breuer P2-T03-235 A comparison of primary damage formation in the bulk and on the surface of irradiated materials > A. Alexander E. Volkov P2-T03-257 Surface characterization of nanolayers modified by slow highly charged xenon ions > I. Ilona Stabrawa P2-T03-272 ELECTRONIC SPUTTERING FROM SILICATE TARGETS BOMBARDED BY HEAVY IONS > R. Rafael Martinez P2-T03-301 Grazing incidence angle X-ray spectroscopy of Ti and TiO2 nanolayers implanted with Xeq+ ions > D. Dariusz Banas P2-T03-306 Swift proton induced light emission from thin silver foil > V. Vitaliy Zhurenko P2-T03-309 Ion-induced desorption and sputtering of frozen CO > L. Leon Kirsch P2-T03-310 Nanoripple formation during cluster projectile bombardment of Au surface – an insight from the Molecular Dynamics Computer Simulations > D. Dawid Maciazek P2-T03-311 Conditioning methods to reduce ion-induced desorption > V. Verena Velthaus P2-T03-313 Secondary electron emission from borosilicate glass under electron impact > K. Karoly Tokesi P2-T03-315 Velocity correlated cluster emission in surface sputtering by a large polyatomic projectile > E. Eli Kolodney P2-T03-322 Interpretation of X-ray cascades emitted in interaction of slow highly charged Xe ions (q=26-35) with metallic foils > M. Marek Pajek P2-T03-333 Study on electrical properties of graphene field effect transistors under swift heavy ion irradiation > J. Jian Zeng P2-T03-336 Hillocks and surface effects in swift heavy ion irradiated insulators > R. Ruslan Rymzhanov P2-T03-51 Electron emission mechanisms in MeV-energy ion-molecule collions > S. Sándor Kovács P2-T04-217 Cu2O-based nanostructures fabricated by ion-track nanotechnology for solar hydrogen evolution > M. Maria Eugenia Toimil-Molares P2-T04-239 MEIS characterization of arsenic PIII implants in FinFETs devices > H. Henrique TROMBINI P2-T04-240 Analysis of non-centrosymmetric materials using electron and ion beams > H. Henrique TROMBINI P2-T04-243 Electron guiding through macroscopic metal capillaries > K. Karoly Tokesi P2-T04-251 A compact, flexible low energy experimental platform of highly charged ions for ion-matter interaction > X. Xiaolong Zhu P2-T04-276 A transmission experiment of carbon ion beam of 100 MeV/u through tapered glass capillaries > T. Tokihiro Ikeda P2-T04-282 Synthesis and Characterisation of Copper Nanowire Networks > N. Nils Ulrich P2-T04-285 Transmission dynamics of 1 MeV proton microbeam guided through a single insulator macrocapillary > G. Gyula Nagy P2-T04-314 Evolution of the multi-walled carbon nanotubes irradiated by noble gases > A. Andrey Shemukhin P2-T04-317 Сalculations of defects formation in nanotubes under ion irradiation > D. Damir Minnebaev P2-T04-329 Change in the wettability of the surface of carbon nanotubes by ion irradiation > A. Andrey Shemukhin P2-T05-159 Control of the size of etchable ion tracks in PVDF - irradiation in an oxygen atmosphere and with fullerene clusters - > A. Akane Kitamura P2-T05-274 Effects of low energy electron on DNA oligomer-cisplatin adduct > Y. Yeunsoo Park P2-T05-278 Ion-collision induced reactivity inside of carbonaceous molecular clusters > S. Suvasthika INDRAJITH P2-T05-286 A new experimental set-up to analyze the emitted electrons from radiosensitizers (metallic atoms and nanoparticles) upon ion collision by velocity map imaging > N. Nicolas SENS P2-T05-299 Experimental and computational study of gold nanoparticles as a radiosensitizer of cancer cells to proton radiation > J. Jefferson Shinpaugh P2-T05-308 Irradiated porous silicon as a paramagnetic material for MRI imaging > A. Alexander Evseev P2-T05-338 On the Behavior of the Articular Cartilage Extracellular Matrix during Carbon Ion Hadrontherapy Treatments > T. Tangni Gomez-Leduc P2-T05-85 PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF CFRP AS A RADIATION PROTECTION SHIELD FOR SPACE APPLICATIONS > N. Nikolay G. Chechenin





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